Everybody today needs IT in some shape or form, this is a fact.

Repetitive IT can offer you multiple services in the following fields: SysAdmin / DevOps / Cloud / Automation and IT Training.
All backed by 15+ years of experience in the IT field and multiple projects brought to production.


Founded in the beginning of 2018 Repetitive IT is on a mission to make the world a better place by improving the actual efficiency of the computing power available to people and companies.

Leveraging the new on-demand technologies like cloud computing, IaaS, IaaC and workloads profiling applications we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint and the bills of our customers.

Repetitive IT is a fast growing international reality with business partners and customers in UK and Italy.

It is owned and managed by

Matteo Castellani – Director and Engineering

Charlean Castellani – Director and Administration

Services and Products

  • Image Cropping/Resizing/Effect
  • Automatic deploy and hosting of static websites
  • Log Harvesting and Analysis Platform
  • Managed DNS – Mail – Hosting
  • IT Consultancy on-site
  • Remote Cloud Support

Image Cropping/Re-sizing/Effects:

This service will allow you to own or use a REST api based infrastructure which will allow a user to re-sized, smart-crop and apply effects directly on images hosted or stored in an accessible location.
The base engine is the open-source Thumbor, the infrastructure providing the reliability and high-availability is build and maintained by Repetitive IT on AWS cloud

Starting from 20 Pound/Month
– 1 million images processed
– 15 GB storage
– 50 GB data transfer

Automatic deploy and hosting of static websites:

If you using static hosting to create your websites or your static application please get in touch with us and ask us about the static delivery and hosting platform.
The only think you have to do is to constantly push your website into one of the SaaS for code management like Github or Gitlab and we will take care of deploying your code on our hosting platform.

Starting from 3 Pound/Month

Log Harvesting and Analysis Platform:

Logs are extremely important to understand the behavior of your platform, identify attacks and intercept/fix errors before a customer can suffer for a digital disruption.
With a mesh of AWS products and hosted in a dedicated account we can provide you with a Ready-to-go solution.

Get in touch and ask us about our L.H.A. Platform

Starting from 75 Pound/Day
Platform tested on a max of 40 millions logs lines per day

Managed DNS – Mail – Hosting:

Using our knowledge in Cloud and Automation we are able to compete with the more experienced hosting providers to meet your requirements and create solutions to meet your needs managed and monitored on our platform or on yours.

IT Consultancy on-site: this is the main service we offer to our customers.

Our experience in Cloud, monitoring, architect infrastructure and IaaC development is what has made us successful.

Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to tell you about our previous success stories, skills and capabilities.

Remote Cloud Support:

If your having difficulties with your ‘Cloud’ or you have any concerns, please get in touch for remote and professional help. This is very simple to do, all we will require is the access to your platform through a remote desktop session or a temporary user created ad-hoc.


Our favorite way of contact is via email, feel free to write to us using the Customer Care address:


You can also contact us via phone at +44 (0) 7809 746816