Why Repetitive IT?

Founded at the beginning of 2018 Repetitive IT has the objective of making IT and specifically¬† DevOps a ‘better place’ making it more accessible and on-demand.

Using all the latest available technologies like Cloud Computing, IaaS, IaaC and profiling the workload on existing servers, we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint and the bills of our customers.

Repetitive IT is an international reality with partners and customers in Italy and United Kingdom.

Matteo Castellani

Founder at Repetitive IT
CTO/DevOps Consultant
Technical Trainer
Public Speaker

Charlean Castellani

Relationship Manager

What can we do for you?


We design and build cloud platforms around your needs compete with automations, load tests nad autoscaling where needed.

Remote support on demand Linux e Cloud

From small issues to secure your Cloud communications and traffic analisys. Whatever is your problem we are sure we can offer help and advice.

Pipelines software

Software pipeline design and realisation.
Webhooks used as a trigger to build and deploy your code automatically.
Help and advice on what is the best software or the best approach based around your software specifications.

Load testing

How many requests you can serve with your current infrastructure? And does autoscaling really increses that limit?
A Load Test does not consume too much time or resources compared to what it would be loosing customers and business because a DDos attack or a volume of good traffic you are not prepared to handle.