Podcast or-not-to Podcast

Al momento stai visualizzando Podcast or-not-to Podcast

I recently had some successes on social media, webcasts, webinars, and even a round-table!

Useless to say that seeing someone jumping on my content was not only really unexpected but it gave me a worm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

I have decided to bring it forward a bit and turn it to 11, I am going to start recording my own podcast soon but I can’t decide on the format.

Would it be only for Tech and how-to? Maybe Dev-Ops? Maybe even Dev-Ops and Cloud…

It doesn’t matter too much I may decide at some point to have 2 different lines as the ideas coming down the pipeline are soooo many that I can’t wait to start!

Partner in crime of this new adventure will be Power-Up Studio a recently put together Podcast and Web-Radio recording studio.

So far so good! Time to put black on white all the ideas and see what kind of product we can push out!

Speak you soon!

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