Services and Products

  • IT Consultancy on-site
  • Managed DNS – Mail – Hosting
  • Remote Cloud Support

IT Consultancy on-site: this is the main service we offer to our customers.

Our experience in Cloud, monitoring, architect infrastructure and IaaC development is what has made us successful.

Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to tell you about our previous success stories, skills and capabilities.

Managed DNS – Mail – Hosting:

Using our knowledge in Cloud and Automation we are able to compete with the more experienced hosting providers to meet your requirements and create solutions to meet your needs managed and monitored on our platform or on yours.

Remote Cloud Support:

If your having difficulties with your ‘Cloud’ or you have any concerns, please get in touch for remote and professional help. This is very simple to do, all we will require is the access to your platform through a remote desktop session or a temporary user created ad-hoc.