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DevOpsify IT

After a few months of hard work and quite a bit of sleepless nights we are today happy to announce the Beta release of our new product ‘DevOpsify IT

A product which is not only focused in providing a hosting service like many or just a rapid deploy system for different CMS, but instead a shift of the traditional hosting paradigms towards a “DevOps by design” approach.

DevOpsify IT‘ is a product developed for website builders, SEO, Marketing agencies and developers.

It is designed to offer a great deal in speed and agility for who deploys websites from scratch using a simple-to-learn template engine.

Template engine which will simplify operations like switching On/Off your website, take/restore a backup (including the database) or generate a docker-compose stack of your website to use locally; all literally just as easy as typing a word into a file and issue a pull request.

What is different then from a traditional Shared Hosting Provider?
In our opinion a great deal!

  • We integrate with Github and we do not use FTP/SFTP client.
  • Push and pull requests instead of uploading files directly into your website.
  • CDN ready CMS which will serve and store static images/files/css lifting the load from your website.
  • Centralized software pipelines will bring your code to the live environment.
  • Enable you and your team to develop your website locally using a docker-compose stack, code that you will be able to push into your GitHub account and trigger an automatic deployment.
  • No Control Panel

The Beta is open and you are welcome to try our service FOR FREE

Get in touch leaving a comment (it will remain unpublished), get in touch via LinkedIn , via Twitter @RepetitiveIT or writing at our Email Address

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